Ch. 1. The long line

Elijah spun around.
A line of girls trudged toward him.


Ch. 2. Donkeys talk more sense!

Why don’t you smush those slavers, Lord?


Ch. 3. Marry me!

“I’d never saddle our children with names like that."


Ch. 4. The killing of Omar

“They’re not going to burn that baby, are they?”


Ch. 5. Tell the king

“In Jezreel they’ll kill you.”


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6. Dew nor rain
7. Grab that goatskin
8. A jar of pickles
9. Dead on arrival
11. From groans to grins
13. The cave. Is it ready?
14. To the Brook Kerith
15. Talking to birds
16. Resolutions from a ravine
17. Go to Zarephath
18. Where is everyone?
19. Me first a piece
20. More, please?
21. Dangerous shopping
22. How did you find us?
23. A Mezuzah for a treehouse
24. Whose vines are these?
25. Professor Hashabiah
26. Zim learns vines
27. Why did your god kill my baby?
28. He cheats on his wife
29. The old place looks good
30. You asked about Obadiah?
31. A little white lie
32. Tell the king I’m here
33. Turn their hearts
34. Hitch up your chariot
35. A delicate whisper
36. Kiss Mother and Father
37. A house for Milcah
38. Mr. Bandage
39. Why doesn’t God kill the Devil?
40. Swords and shields and maces
41. Rules about selling land?
42. The sins of Jeroboam
43. Hiel rebuilt Jericho
44. Kill Ahab!
45. Let fire come burn you up
46. Died how?
47. Chariots of Israel
48. The fury of Jehu
49. Never enough
50. Messenger of Malachi
51. Will Elijah save him?
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