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Satisfactory Documents?

Before Hi Jane, Are the provided docs satisfiable? The company is VERY EAGER to get the cert. If you need more info from the factory, please let me know, I’ll ask from them asap. Best Regards, Peter Note: Many Americans consider VERY EAGER rude because the capital letters make them feel you are pounding the table and shouting at Jane. Do not abbreviate — docs, cert, info — in business correspondence. It shows you are careless. Among loyal friends […]

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 What is the best way to let someone know you received what they sent?  That depends. Is the sender a close friend or a business associate? Friend Informality implies closeness: “Got it.  Thanks!” Business Formality implies respect and attention to detail: “Thank you for sending the document. You will be happy to know that it arrived this […]

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Order before Spring Festival

ABC Manufacturing 1234 NanJing Lu Sucheng Qu, Suqian Shi, Jiangsu Sheng, China 211500 March 1, 2016 Mr. Bruno Lightfist System Sales 1234 Commerce Drive Los Angeles, CA USA  91377 RE:  How to order before Spring Festival Dear Mr. Lightfist, I trust your business is prospering. To make sure we can fill your February orders, I want to […]

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Monitor Discontinued

Original Because the 56-inch monitor was discontinued long ago, we have not found its repair parts. While we continue searching for these parts, we ask, Would you please consider this solution? 1. We will send you 20 new 57-inch displays while we continue looking for repair parts for the 56-inch display. If we find the […]

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YoureWelcome - Copy

You’re welcome!

How to respond to “Thank you”? Instead of 不客气!we say… Welcome. You’re welcome. Sure. Sure enough. Sure thing. For sure. Any time. Happy to help. Of course. You betcha. What are friends for! Don’t mention it It was nothing By all means No worries That’s OK That’s alright I avoid “No problem.” It can imply there […]

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Avoid ASAP

When making a promise to a customer, which time phrase should I use? immediately right away now today this minute this morning this afternoon ASAP Example:  “If you need more information from the factory, I will ask them (when?).” Use any time phrase except ASAP. The first seven phrases leave you no room for delay.  They show your customer is first in line. Everything […]

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