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Target Audience

It is coming into focus. When I started, people asked who it was for, and I said, for me. If somebody else wants to read it, fine. Lately I’m surprised to hear people assume I’m writing for children. Not so, but hearing it makes me realize my original target is still pretty much it — […]

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—  Getting a variety of critiques shows me how the story goes contrary to a variety of ideas (Elijah was old, gruff, celibate, had a quavering voice, called God “Yahweh.”) One by one, I have a chance to head these preconceptions off at the pass and (I hope) keep the reader.

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Emails with Important Customers

Professor Parks has given me practical advice on my daily emails with important customers all over the world.  I always thought my English was good — both in speaking and writing. However, I have learned a lot from Professor Parks about corresponding with customers. How to urge How to thank in an elegant manner How to show […]

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Delayed Shipment

Before Dear Samuel, Pls check the attachment is the shipping agent inform. It is not seriously believable when i got your email yesterday about the delay shipment. We were afraid this ship delay again and we also want to tell you the exact ETA time . Actually we have asked the seller’s the actual ETA […]

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Deadline Phrases

before – “We need to do it before January 3.”  (We must not wait until January 3.) on – “We need to do it on January 3.”  (We must wait until January 3 but not until January 4.) after – “We need to do it after January 3.”  (We must wait until January 4.) by – “We need to do it by January 3.” (We must not wait […]

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Setting a Friendly Deadline

Setting a Friendly Deadline   Thank you, but doesn’t setting a deadline sound a little bossy?   Oh.  I see. Well for a more customer-friendly wording, use… “I need to send those documents to Singapore Thursday, so I’m hoping you can get them to me on or before Wednesday.”

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Setting a Deadline

  I’d like to set a deadline. When I use “before,” does it include the day specified? For example, does “before Thursday” mean do it Thursday?   No. “Before Thursday” means do it Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday — not Thursday. If Thursday at 2 p.m. is when you want it, say, “The deadline for this project is 2 pm […]

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Business Email Salutations

 What is the proper form of address in a business email? Hi Henry? Hello Henry? Dear Henry?  The proper form is, “Dear Henry,” When we email quick, informal messages to friends, “Hi” or “Hello” is proper. A business email, however, needs the same formality as a business letter — “Dear.” Don’t be concerned about the […]

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