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Bio – Dave Parks

Dave began writing in 1957 as editor of the ReDit, his high school paper.

He edited books:

Living Prophecies: A Crumbling Wall between Christians and Jews, by DeWayne Coxon
Practical Help for Language Helpers and Conversation Partners, by David Sorteberg

He edited professional papers, with permission to reference two:

“Trends of Acute Hepatitis B Notification Rates,” Zhifang Wang, Yaping Chen, Jinren Pan, PLOS, 2014.
“Pre-reform Socialist Welfare Housing Estates in China,”  Yiti Wang, Lei Shao, Ya Ping Wang, Journal of Asian Architecture and Building Engineering, 2015


Word Weavers
American Christian Fiction Writers

Bachelor of Arts, Greenville College, 1963

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The Days of Elijah - a story

The Days of Elijah – a story

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