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What are you doing here?

Elijah barely got into the desert when he forgot his promise to come back for Nathan. “Just let me die, okay, Lord? Maybe that way Jezebel will leave my mother alone.” He curled up in the shade of a broom bush and went to sleep. Three hours later an angel touched his arm. “Have a […]

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Ahab vs. Obadiah

Obadiah, the king’s chief of staff, came in and stood before King Ahab. “You sent for me?” “Just have a seat and watch.” Two guards came in with Artsa1, the accountant, between them. “You sent for me?” Ahab pointed to a stack of financial accounts. “Several entries don’t add up.” Artsa gulped. Obadiah touched his […]

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Ch. 8.5 Listen

1. the minor scenes need to be connected, some maybe deleted. 2. Elijah needs to be the sourpuss, Nathan the happy one.\ 3. Maybe reconnect to previous chapter The grandfather of the local raven family flew into Jabesh and perched high in the city’s tallest tree while his flock hid among the leaves. The smell […]

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Ahab & Obadiah

Show Biah becomes chief of staff Biah recruits grove managers, rejects cheater Ahab-Jezebel marriage Thera loves her girls Biah rejects Asherah   Change Zicri to something less like the temporary king. Eliminate flashbacks Show Obadiah at gate in Jezreel accepting pouch of cash from Shelemiah in Samaria and listen to his report Problems in groves? […]

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