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POV change

The easiest way to orient the reader to the new POV character is to begin with a physical action anchor. Include a short sequel from the last scene we saw the POV character in (especially if something important happened and we need their reaction) and state the scene goal (which is often related to the sequel). eems like a lot? You […]

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Bubbler Shopping — by Miss Darcy

Here’s a few random thoughts before I shut down the computer for the night. 🙂 So, the purchasing problem could possibly be solved by the wives or family members. They just continue to buy normal groceries, probably with funds from Mrs. O, but secretly bring them to a certain drop-off point in their village, and […]

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Action Beats

Getting Dialogue Right: How to Use Dialogue Tags and Action Beats An Easy Way to Immediately Improve Your Character’s Action Beats Do You Use Too Many Generic Action Tags?

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“The bricks have fallen down, but we will rebuild with dressed stone;the fig trees have been felled, but we will replace them with cedars.” Ancient Israelite House [sic]”If one were to walk through the front door they might see a child lying in a hammock wrapped in swaddling clothes, and a woman seated at her […]

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bubble-yellowstone (2)

Obadiah Outline

The Need 09 Jar of Fish – Abdel is killed 10 The Beginning – Obadiah discovers the murder 11 Bubblers – Jezebel’s men target bubblers The Solution 17 Bubblers Prep – Mrs. O goes to market 18 Bubblers Send – Shelemiah sends 17 to Megiddo 19 Bubblers Shop – Mrs. O sets up shopping system […]

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Pam on Joshabiah’s POV

I read about a page and a half, puzzling about the feeling that this was the same scene I’d just read, told differently. Then I realized you were telling it from Joshabiah’s POV. Although it’s very common to alternate POVs in a story, I wasn’t expecting it, so I was confused. Will you be using […]

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A Checklist for Vivid Writing

ENVIRONMENT What is the weather/temperature/climate What kind of lighting is present What time of day is it What time of year is it SETS Indoors : What is the type and size of the room/enclosure she is occupying? How is it furnished? Outdoors: What is the terrain (hilly, marshy, rocky, lush, dusty, etc)? What plants, […]

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Say what?

Typos hide from me. They think it’s a game. Implausible plot twists sneak in during the night. Please reveal them to me. And if you would be so kind as to do a serious critique of a chapter, ask and ye shall receive it in MS Word format. Dave

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