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My dad sat at the kitchen table with me after supper and listened to the Lone Ranger. We didn’t have TV for a few years after it came in because good Free Methodists didn’t go to movies, and TV looked like a movie. Instead we listened to the radio and made movies with our imaginations. […]

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Old Bachelors

40 old

Our Grandmother Elma Fine Ingram baked mouth-watering cookies and recited fun poems. At our 1972 Ingram reunion, someone asked Grandma if she had a song. She replied that she did not have a song but she did have a recitation. Grandma was as cute as any 12-year-old: “I don’t believe I can stay seated to say […]

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Both my grandfathers were pastors and then superintendents in the FM church, and when I first read “there were giants in the land in those days,” I thought of my two grandfathers, who occupied gigantic space in my young mind. These men were both very conservative in their views. 1. Whisker power After Grandmother died, […]

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My grandfather Ingram played shinny with us and took us fishing and told us stories his father had told him about the 1849 wagon train to the gold fields in California. My picture of him is energy, positive, and fun. But while we were living next door to my parents during their declining years, I […]

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