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Welcome to “The Journey of the Wise”!


Come with me and see what the original wise men saw. Poke your toe in the dirt. Thump your elbows on the stone walls.

In 1964 I made my first trip to Israel — 通过突尼斯, 利比亚, 埃及, 黎巴嫩, 叙利亚, 约旦, 和曼德尔鲍姆门。

How tourists learn

In the 1980s I traveled 从丹到俾什巴 doing field research on how tourists in Israel learn. 本文: Purposes, Motivations, and Learning Among Adults in an Overseas Study Tour.

Vickie Parks and David Parks in Sichuan, China

Mrs. Vickie Parks and Professor David Parks in Sichuan, China

During this research we lived at 农场 Ir Ovot, which then became the Biblical Tamar Park. I served as 业务联络 for early Blossoming Rose tours.

In recent years I lectured as 外国专家:

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