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Day 6. Tamar Tasks

We should have a generous selection of Tamar tasks for our work lists.

They might include some of these jobs done recently by James Crumley and Pat DeGroot.

  • Check the irrigation system
  • Pull weeds
  • Paint trailers1Get ready to call them by the British term, “caravans.” interiors
  • Cook
  • Grocery shop
  • Fix a vehicle
  • Repair a building
  • Revive a dead mule with a new drive belt
  • Go to En Yahav to pick up the belt
  • Fix the air-conditioning in the van.
  • Get the exterior lights working at the British Building and the Bomb Shelter.2Find the problem in one of several electrical boxes.
  • Lights or no lights, enjoy the bright stars and the moon over the mountains of Jordan.3And way up there, Mars!
  • Put the pillowcases and bed coverings in the wash.4Shake them out first.
  • Put them in our fast dryer, the wind.
  • Lug in armfuls of dry, fresh-smelling clothes.
  • Go out to the sukkah and head right for a chair.
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The Days of Elijah - a story

The Days of Elijah – a story