The ripples

by Doug Smith

It seems to me “permissive will” conflicts with the idea of God “willing” tragedy.


I believe He set His creation running, saw it go to Hell, and redeemed it. Yet the effects of sin and evil ripple through creation. He intervened in Jesus and continues to lead in the Holy Spirit and His Word. But the ripples carry on. No one is immune to ripples, although they appear to miss many.

Imperfect world

We are in an imperfect world, where even minor manifestations of sin and evil affect us. Like, perhaps, the poor judgment by a truck driver who did not respect the dangers of whiteout conditions on the highway, or the poor judgment of the people who stopped their van by a highway in whiteout. Are those people sinful or evil, or did God will their accident (even permissively)? No, they were victims of the ripple effect of sin.

“I will be with you”

He promises that one day the imperfections will be dealt with and that His followers will come back into line with Him. In the meantime, we run the risk of a ripple attack — and that is why God says, “Yes, I will be with you always, even to the end of the world.” He can protect and he can heal —  part of His Purpose-driven Plan to get us all back into His creation.

This is life

This is life, life as we know it, life as it has been known for millennia, life that is imperfect, life that has been promised redemption.

Yes, life goes beyond.

But this existence is still the grit and gristle of our breathing, our beating heart, our flashing neurons, our sensitive soul. It is all we have at hand to deal with — the ripples hit, we are struck down or raised to greater heights; it doesn’t seem fair to those who see someone who goes down or someone who soars above. But it is life, great, unfair, persistently pressing forward LIFE.

by Doug Smith – excerpted from February 10, 2011

RE: a regular elijah, Chapter 13. Murder thy neighbor, pp.62,63


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