Elijah Issues

What are the central issues in this book?

  1. Following God vs. Moloch/Asherah
  2. Life vs. Death
  3. Israel/Judah culture vs. Sidon/Phoenicia culture
  4. Israelis vs. Sidonians

This Issue —

  1. Who cares about it?
  2. What would he do about it next year? in ten years?
  3. What would happen if all of society embraced this?
  4. What would happen if all of society rejected this?
  5. Who would it hurt the most?

Worst thing?

  1. What’s the worst thing that could happen to Elijah??
  2. ….to Ahab?


  1. Ego? Looks? Lust? Career? Enemies? Success?
  2. What is Javert’s obsesion in Les Miserables? Duty drives him to fanaticism and death.
  3. Ahab in Moby Dick? A big, white whale.
  4. Everyone in Maltese Falcon? black bird.
  5. Gone with Wind – Rhett with Scarlet. Scarlett with Ashley.
  • What is Elijah’s obsession?
  • What is Ahab’s obsession?


  • Elijah’s
  • Ahab’s

Socko Ending

  1. Visualize a climactic scene in the theater of your mind.
  2. Hear music to go with it.
  3. Let the full range of emotions burst forth.
  4. Add characters as you will to heighten conflict.
  5. Play around with the variations on this theme until something unforgettable happens.

  6. Who are the characters?
  7. What circumstances brought them here?
  8. How can I trace back the story to its logical starting point?

This socko ending can be the compass for this story.

Big idea

  • What’s the big idea of this book? What would go on the cover to attract someone in the bookstore?


  • Where else might this story be set?

Big enough to grab readers of every age?

  • How can I make this story bigger?

Add an element?

  • What? to make it more interesting?




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