Day 2. Jerusalem

Mount of Olives, Jaffa Gate, Old City, Western Wall,  Elijah’s bad news

We land at Ben Gurion in the early afternoon and at 5 pm board our Blossoming Rose bus to climb 2,600 feet from the Mediterranean coastal plain up into the mountains of Jerusalem.1 Forty days & nights 

On the Mount of Olives, we pause for a breathtaking view of the Temple Mount under the setting sun. Then straight to our Leonardo Hotel and a delicious dinner.

Jaffa Gate

We stroll leisurely through the Jaffa Gate into the Old City of Jerusalem. As the evening comes to life, we gather at the Western Wall of the Temple where Joseph and Mary presented baby Jesus.

Back at the hotel, some of us look at Elijah’s letter of bad news to Jerusalem’s King Jehoram22 Chronicles 21:19 – his bowels came out …, and he died in great pain… and discuss the modern medical diagnoses.

In the luxury of Jerusalem’s Leonardo Hotel, on our way into sleep, we thank God for his personal love and protection.

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The Lord of Hair

The Lord of Hair