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Day 4. Samaria

City of Samaria, Gilgal, Bethel

Beside a small hill just outside the city of Samaria, we search for fifty piles of soot. Nope. But several hairs by a boulder obviously fell from Elijah’s goatskin.

Inside the ancient city of Samaria we ask in vain for relatives of King Ahab.

Mt. Gerizim SignAt Gilgal we find Elijah and Elisha sitting on Joshua’s twelve stones. We follow their gaze over to Mount Gerizim and Mount Ebal and imagine the chant of the Blessings & the Cursings. We cringe at the thought of a mass circumcision, and our jaws drop at Samuel hewing King Agag in pieces.

Elijah: “Wait for me here.”
Elisha: “Not leaving your side, Boss.”

In Bethel we find this same pair standing under the tree where Deborah is buried, just around the corner from the house of Phinehas — who kept the Ark of the Covenant — and a strong stone’s throw from Jeroboam’s golden calf.

Elijah: “Take a nap on Jacob’s pillow. Dream of a ladder to heaven.”
Elisha: “Not leaving your side, Boss.”

Skid Marks from Elijah's ChariotAfter dinner, we notice three people discussing what kind of skid marks would be left by a chariot of fire, five planning an Elijah search party, and two debating the ethics of God turning 100 soldiers into cinders.

In our third night in the Jerusalem Leonardo Hotel we drift off to sleep wondering, “What did Jacob say when he tried to fluff up his pillow?”

2 Responses to Day 4. Samaria

  1. Donald Ingram August 1, 2017 at 9:51 PM #

    What did Jacob say when he tried to fluff up his pillow? He said, “I wish I had My Pillow.”

  2. Donna R Caddell August 29, 2017 at 2:32 PM #

    Enjoy, I’ll be packing, setting up a garage sale and trying to sell my home to head south.

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The Days of Elijah - a story

The Days of Elijah – a story

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