Day 8. Mt. Carmel

Beersheba, Netanya, Caesarea Maritima, Mount Carmel, Elijah’s Caves, Megiddo, Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee

When Elijah was running from Jezebel, he left his servant in Beersheba, where Abraham gave Abimelech seven ewe lambs to settle a misunderstanding about a well.

Beersheba – a well like Abraham’s?

But a city of 360,000 has swallowed up that one-horse village. Elijah would get lost in three minutes. On the way out of town, we press our noses to the bus windows, but no one spots Elijah dozing under a Juniper tree.

Up to Tel Aviv and then north along the beach to the modern city of Netanya. In 1929, five settlers put shovels in the sand, and now over 200,000 call this home. At Caesarea Maritima, Governor Felix shut Paul in prison.

On Mt. Carmel we watch those miserable prophets of Baal: No fire. No answer. No god. Then Elijah: “Lord, let people know ….” And the fire fell. The fire of the Lord. We look out over the sea and yell, “A cloud! The size of a man’s hand!”

Elijah’s cave? It’s a fun ride up the cable car and then a great view of the sea. Inside the Stella Maris Church we find a cave tucked under the altar. At Megiddo we see how this strategic pass cuts into the Jezreel Valley, and we start to understand why so many armies fought here.

In Tiberias we settle into our comfy rooms in the Club Leonardo Hotel, sneaking looks across the Sea of Galilee at the bluffs of the Golan.

In our Leonardo on the Galilee, we dream of Elijah plodding along at the foot of the Golan bluffs. “Look out! Queen Jezebel’s spies are trying to head you off at the pass!”

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