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Hmmm…. a leader but first a lover.

Yet what would a childless Elijah know of a father’s love for his children? In my fictional account he has parents, siblings, and a sidekick. So I asked people, How would you feel about an Elijah who has a girlfriend, wife, children?

Married or Single?

No Mrs. Elijah

M. J. – “He can have the same passions as us without changing the character, from what I know Elijah was celibate. Maybe you can go the route, ‘He was interested in someone at one point but felt God’s pull to remain celibate.

Name withheld – “If God has called someone to walk alone with Him, then he/she will be complete in Him — and just Him.”

Yes Mrs. Elijah

Suzanne – “It would make him more human and accessible maybe?”

Lois – “Great. Show his human side. Everyone needs love.”

 Let Elijah decide

  • Noah – “When I write a story I find it best to let the characters drive it. I let them “tell me” what is right for the story. I try to imagine my characters as real people, and understand who that person is, and then I let him or her “decide” how the story goes. Let Elijah decide.”

And my characters do like to surprise me.

  • Elijah at Mt Carmel — I had no idea Ira was in that crowd.
  • Until Shillem in Rehov spoke up, I didn’t know how to point them south.
  • Gera in Beersheba, “Before you anoint too many kings….” I was like, Oh? OK.

So let Elijah decide? Without putting words in his mouth? I mean, it’s a lot easier to write one scene of Elijah rejecting romance than it is to build pieces into several scenes that show him wooing, marrying, and raising children.

Linda –

That’s a very interesting idea! Before I ever read much of the Old Testament, for some reason, I thought Ezekiel was about the strictest, harshest Prophet there was. When I read his book, I was surprised he was married. Isaiah was married. He saw, at the very least, a vision of Heaven, and angelic beings, & he was married.
I type my Messages in short spurts, because I have had long ones get lost.
The explanation for my 1st paragraph: according to the Catholic Church, & others, REALLY Holy people don’t get married, or to be very holy, it’s better Not to be married. These holy men of the Bible were. Why Not Elijah?
I watched a few Superman & Spider-man movies with Steve. They avoided romance & girlfriends in the fear of them getting hurt by their enemies. That’ll be an intriguing set of circumstances. Will Jezebel threaten his wife or girlfriend too?

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    Many different opinions. Mine remains the same.

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