Giving away Jezebel

Tyre, the City of King Ethbaal

Her father, King Ethbaal, needed peace on his southern border and more trading territory.

Ethbaal began as a priest of Asherah, which might explain why his daughter Jezebel so eagerly promoted Asherah.

In 951 BC he assassinated King Phelles and took the throne of Tyre. Perhaps because Jezebel’s father murdered to get the throne, murder seemed a natural way to get Naboth’s vineyard. 1 Kings 21

King Ethbaal was busy creating a “golden age” for Tyre. He expanded Tyre’s control over Phoenicia as far north as Beirut, including Sidon and part of Cyprus. He established colonies in the north of Phoenicia, at Botrys (Batrun) near Byblos, and in Libya, at Auza.

Having his daughter married to the King of Israel made for a secure southern border, which meant less money spent defending the homeland. His daughter could also open up Israel as trading territory for his merchants, which meant more taxes coming in to buy more troops and ships and arms. Spending less on homeland defense and more coming in from taxes, meant more money for the business of expanding abroad.

The Hebrew name, אֶתְבַּעַל (eth-bah’-al) means “with Baal.” He reigned 32 years.

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