Final Corrections

when all chapters are in one document

  1. replace quote marks with new ones
  2. abbreviate Biblical references
  3. make all ellipses true
  4. The Lord? or the Lord? Consistent, please.
  5. consistency with numbers, writing out or as numerals.
  6. replace extra ! with periods
  7. Anachronisms. allow or not? such as “a tornado straight out of Kansas” in Ch. 11.
  8. Make sure all Ira’s are now Ari’s.
  9. Exclamation points stay warm and indoors. — rules!” (Deut. 30:12; Ex. 23:2).
  10. Periods stay cold and outside. — rules” (Deut. 30:12; Ex. 23:2).
  11. At the foot of each chapter put… This Story in the Bible: (followed by the reference, i.e.) 1 King 17:1


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