Day 7. The Tamar Sukkah

In the Abrahamic Historical Site, our group might have an opportunity to help maintain the sukkah tent.

For those who did not pay attention in Sunday school, the sukkah is the temporary shelter people live in for seven days so each generation may understand how the people of Israel lived in booths when the Lord brought them out of Egypt (Leviticus 23:42-43).

The site sponsors, Chris and Ann Barnes, looked for a proper tent for two years. They found one in Turkey, but it was too expensive. Then, Mohammed — you must meet our Tamar neighbor, Mohammed, an influential friend of Blossoming Rose since the early 1980s — Mohammed found an exquisite tent of goat hair woven by local Bedouin women.

In 2016, an experienced tailor repaired and installed the tent. By the time we arrive, carpets and stools of the style from the time of Abraham may have been installed.

If a storm blew in recently, we’ll find everything covered with a layer of sandy dust — giving us an opportunity to clean the sukkah.

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Fun with Elijah

Fun with Elijah