by Wayne Lawton

I was really amused by the pronunciation DUB YAR, but that’s just the way W. R. sounds.

Grandfather and his brothers


Edmond S. – Archibald H.M. – Arthur D. – Ralph A. – Jacob J.  (Zahnizer Brothers in the Ministry)

I don’t know if my Grandfather and his brothers were referred to by their intials or not – and their generations are gone so I can’t ask anyone. I think Bishop Arthur DeFrance Zahniser was often referred to as A. D.  — I’ve actually heard some who knew him say that. But my Grandfather was Ralph Allison Zahniser, and I think people spoke of him by his first name or Brother Ralph Zahniser.


Maybe some of my cousins could answer regarding Jacob Jay Zahniser (I think people always added the Jay when calling his first name), Edmund Smith Zahniser might have been called Brother E. S. Zahniser.

And for sure Archibald Howard McElrath Zahniser was known by his initials AHM.

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