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David Parks, Host

Welcome to “The Days of Elijah” Tour of the Holy Land!

Come with me and see what Elijah saw. Kick the dirt. Rub the stones. Miracles not included.

We follow the days in my book, The Messenger, blending the exploits and thoughts of the prophet Elijah with the geography and history of the Holy Land.

In 1964 I made my first trip to Israel — via Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, and the Mandelbaum Gate.

How tourists learn

In the 1980s I traveled from Dan to Beersheba doing field research on how tourists in Israel learn. Dissertation: Purposes, Motivations, and Learning Among Adults in an Overseas Study Tour.

Vickie Parks and David Parks in Sichuan, China

Mrs. Vickie Parks and Professor David Parks in Sichuan, China

During this research we lived at Kibbutz Ir Ovot, which then became the Biblical Tamar Park. I served as Operations Liaison for early Blossoming Rose tours.

In recent years, Vickie and I lectured in China as Foreign Experts 外国专家 at Tsinghua University 清华大学, Chongqing Technology and Business University 重庆工商大学, Yunnan Teacher Training University 云南师范大学, Sichuan Teacher Training University 四川师范大学, and Chongqing Teacher Training University 重庆师范大学.

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The Days of Elijah - a story

The Days of Elijah – a story