Why did Ahab trust Obadiah?

King Ahab trusted Obadiah to help him find pasture to save his war horses and mules.11 Kings 18:6 When did they meet, and what did they do together?

  • The Bible does not tell us Obadiah’s age.
  • And the only thing it says about Ahab’s age is that he reigned for 22 years and died in a chariot battle.21 Kings 22:29-40 So going into that battle, he was still young and strong enough to heft a shield, thrust a sword, and shoot a bow.

Here’s one way the two could have become so well acquainted.

  • Ahab at 5 – Elah31 Kings 16:8 becomes king and puts Ahab’s father, Omri, in command of the army. Omri appoints Obadiah his chief of staff and mentor/guide for young Prince Ahab.
  • Ahab at 7 – Zimri41 Kings 16:9 reigns as king for one week.
  • Ahab at 8 – Omri, Ahab’s father, reigns as king51 Kings 16:23 in Tirzah for 6 years with Obadiah his chief of staff.
  • Ahab at 14 – Omri moves his capital to Samaria61 Kings 16:23-28 and appoints Obadiah to oversee the olive groves there. Prince Ahab inspects the groves with Obadiah.
  • Ahab at 20 – Omri dies, and Ahab reigns for 22 years.71 Kings 16:28
  • Ahab at 42 – Ahab dies from a random bowshot.8 1 Kings 16:29
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