Married or Single?

July 16, 2017, in the lobby of Genesis Church, and on Facebook, I asked …

“Do you think of Elijah as married or single?”

  • 1- Don’t know
  • 10 – Single
  • 1 – I only think of Elijah as in a chariot of fire.
  • 1 – The widow of Zarephath was his common law wife.
  • 1 – I can’t imagine that anyone would marry him. What a fruitcake.
  • 1 – If he was married he didn’t spend much time with his wife.
  • 1 – He could have been a widower.
  • 1 – Reminds me of Guy Bevington who would go out in the woods for days at a time and pray about some matter in a hollow log. I don’t think a woman would be interested in that type of marriage.
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The Lord of Hair

The Lord of Hair