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Elijah’s Favorite Guides

I feel sure tour guides would make Elijah’s list by being flexible, exact, or fun.


In 1964 I made my first trip to Israel — via Germany, Switzerland, Italy, Sicily, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan. Our schedule only allowed two hours to see Rome. We had to catch the once-a-week ferry from Sicily across to Tunisia. Get there five minutes late, and ….

In Rome, we told our schedule to the first guide we saw, and he threw up his hands. “You want to do Rome in two hours? That’s a crime!”

But he did a great job of showing us Rome, all the highlights, in two hours — and we got to the ferry on time.


The Mandelbaum Gate

In 1964, we met many tourists going across North Africa in safety.

From Jordan, our family entered Jerusalem through the Mandelbaum Gate and hired a guide to show us the city. About half way thru the tour, he noticed our sceptical looks and chuckles whenever he said, “the exact spot.”

Finally someone asked, “Really now? The exact spot?”

He shrugged, “You know. Here. There. Somewhere around here.

When we were doing the Via Dolorosa, after the Sixth Station of the Cross, he announced, “Here is the Sixth and a Half Station of the Cross. It’s my brother-in-law’s shop. Anything you buy, I get a cut of the profit.”

It was a great introduction to The Land.


Look what the rain swept in

The other day I met Anat Harrel via email when Googling about Obadiah’s Caves.  She directed me to the caves and then gave me a heads-up about a Previous Occupant.

When this family found this jug I asked, “Did Elijah leave this pot behind as he was running from Jezebel on his way to Rehov?”

Anat Harrel

She replied, “The pot they found dates back 1,500 years, a mere 1,300 or so after Elijah… but who’s counting?

I didn’t get the phone number of the flexible guide in Rome or the exact guide in Jerusalem.

But you can contact that fun guide in Israel at

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The Days of Elijah - a story

The Days of Elijah – a story