Naboth’s Vineyard Found?

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Roger Williams, the founder of the American colony of Rhode Island and the co-founder of the First Baptist Church in America, wrote about Naboth’s story in The Bloudy Tenent of Persecution for Cause of Conscience as an example of how God disfavored Christians from using government force in religious matters, such as the religious decrees by Jezebel and Ahab. Williams believed using force in the name of religion would lead to political persecution contrary to the Bible.[7]
In popular culture[edit]
Naboth was played by Ludwig Donath in the 1953 film Sins of Jezebel. The plot of the 2014 film Leviathan, about a man’s struggle against a corrupt mayor’s appropriation of his land and house, has been compared by critics to Naboth’s life.

Jewish medieval scholars sometimes used Elijah’s words to Ahab “You have killed and also taken possession” (“הֲרָצַחְתָּ וְגַם יָרָשְׁתָּ”) or the expression “Naboth’s vineyard” to hint at double injustice (or crime committed with indecency, as opposed to “simply committed” crime). The Talmud also sees here a link to the prohibition of mixtures of milk and meat in Jewish law.

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