Biblical Tamar Park by Shemuel Sharvit

I hope that this letter finds you and your family in good health and prospering from the grace of G-d that He so abundantly pours out on all of us. We are enjoying the privilege of living in the land of Israel and are soaking up the spiritual blessings that it affords. Rivka and I were talking about the peacefulness and unity we felt at Biblical Tamar Park.  So, when I saw you there in your work clothes and gloves I understood where the peace and unity we felt was coming from. Bringing people from different places and backgrounds and forging a cohesive work force is no simple task. My compliments to you and your staff at Blossoming Rose for a job well done.


Now, moving away from our personal experience at Tamar Park I wish to shift the subject to one that comes from an orthodox Jew visiting  the displays that you and the volunteers  set up to reflect the influence of the Jewish people on that area. Although I recognize the value of all seven historical periods represented by the park, the three that represent the Jewish historical involvement are more emotionally and spiritually meaningful to me. If you can overlook my biases for a moment I would like to share why I think that they are so important to the Jewish people of today. First, it gives a real-time physical experience to what we read in the Bible. It can bring Jews who visit there a new reality about the founding of the nation and a teachable moment for adults as well as children. I am certain you already know this and that you designed these exhibits to perform that task. I’m only hoping that you will be able to expose your wealth of knowledge to Jews in Israel as well as those visiting from abroad. It’s that important.


I would like to take this opportunity to thank all the people who over the years have made Biblical Tamar Park possible. Three times a day in the Jewish prayers we quote this verse from Deuteronomy 6:5 “You shall love Hashem your God with all you heart, with all your soul and with all your resources.”  Our resources are as much a part of our spiritual life as our soul and heart. Our resources, which our sages say is our money, are an example and extension of the abilities and talents that G-d placed in your heart and soul. So when you give money to Blossoming Rose you are also sending your soul and heart with it. So when I look at what is going on at Biblical Tamar Park what I am seeing is actually hearts and souls of the people who are giving of their resources to make it happen.


You are not only causing the desert to bloom but you are also investing in the establishment of an important educational center for the Jewish people. In 1990 Russia started allow Jews from the former Soviet Union to immigrate to Israel. Thank G-d for the hundreds of thousands that have come. But the vast majority have little or no knowledge of their connection to the history and heritage of the Jewish people. Also, because the majority of the households in Israel are secular their children are raised with little access to the Bible and the origins of the Jewish people. So, your children and grandchildren are probably more familiar with who Avraham was than most Jewish children living in Israel. Is it possible that Blossoming Rose efforts at Biblical Tamar Park could be used by G-d as an outreach center to connect Jewish children to their spiritual heritage? The faith of Abraham is an inspiration to peoples all over the world.


Your servant,


Shemuel Sharvit

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