Synopsis – Notes toward Draft 1

In Israel, some follow the Lord, and some follow Asherah. While Elijah fears for the safety of his loved ones if he delivers the Lord’s messages, Ahab fears for the safety of his country if he does not honor Asherah.

As young boys, they both see how Asherah abuses little girls and burns babies. Elijah tries to stop it, but Ahab learns to accept it. When Elijah becomes a young man, he delivers his first message to King Ahab: “Neither dew nor rain until I say so.” He hides from the king’s assassins and leaves home, to not attract them to his loved ones.

When Elijah comes out of hiding, he demands the king bring all Israel to Mt. Carmel. At the Carmel showdown, Elijah kills 450 pagan priests, and the rain returns. Elijah assumes King Ahab will now lead the nation in worshipping the Lord. But Queen Jezebel hears what happened and tells Elijah, “You’re a dead man.”

Elijah hides in the desert but then steals back to his family and to Milcah, the neighbor girl.

Ahab promotes Asherah, yet he fears rebuke from the Lord’s messenger.

Conflict for Elijah, what drives it, and how Elijah succeeds or fails in dealing with that conflict.

How that conflict is resolved and how Elijah’s situation, both internally and externally, has changed.

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