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Synopsis – 1-2-3

Characters to care about. Protagonist focus. What’s at stake for him.  Conflict for protagonist, what drives it, and how the protagonist succeeds or fails in dealing with that conflict. How that conflict is resolved and how the protagonist’s situation, both internally and externally, has changed. Identify your protagonist, the protagonist’s conflict, and the setting by the end of the first paragraph. Then […]

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Synopsis – Notes toward Draft 1

In Israel, some follow the Lord, and some follow Asherah. While Elijah fears for the safety of his loved ones if he delivers the Lord’s messages, Ahab fears for the safety of his country if he does not honor Asherah. As young boys, they both see how Asherah abuses little girls and burns babies. Elijah […]

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Synopsis – How to from Lara

The following site ( says, “Don’t make the mistake of thinking the synopsis just details the plot. That will end up reading like a very mechanical account of your story, and won’t offer any depth or texture; it will read like a story without any emotion.” In fiction, emotion is key. Now, in terms of […]

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The Days of Elijah - a story

The Days of Elijah – a story