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Elijah in the Talmud

Talmud – 1. Boring Talmud – Chair of Elijah Talmud 2. The Rabbi Who Was Right Talmud 3. Rescuing the Many RE: Burning of the Fifties — when Moses sang his song of praise after Israel crossed the Red Sea and the Egyptians drowned, the Lord asked, “My creatures drown and you are singing?”[1] […]

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Talmud 3. Rescuing the Many

“I wasn’t so sure myself, Ma’am.” Others, however, became very sure. They invented an Elijah who rode to the rescue of many. A rabbi in Belarus, for instance, wrote how Elijah rescued a too-trusting travelling salesman.[1] The salesman got into town just as Sabbath was about to start and needed a place to stash his […]

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Talmud 2. The Rabbi Who Was Right

The story of the Rabbi Who Was Right,[1] made Elijah’s mother squint sideways at Elisheva, but it put a big smile on the face of her father. “Crazy story,” he chuckled. “But spot on about God.” A rabbi in Babylon invented this story. The main character is a Rabbi Eliezer, and Elijah only comes in […]

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The Days of Elijah - a story

The Days of Elijah – a story

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