Talmud – 1. Boring

If not for airborne meals, chattering ravens, and nightmares — hiding by a brook might have been boring. POV Hundreds of years later, a rabbi in Eastern Europe topped any brook-side boredom when he told that this young man was posted at the crossroads of paradise and given three duties. (http://www.jewishencyclopedia.com/articles/5634-elijah Pirḳe R. El. l.c.)

1) To show the pious the door into paradise.

2) To lead the people in hell outside each Sabbath. (People in hell (sheol?) get the Sabbath off?)

3) After the wicked have suffered for their sins, to usher them into paradise.

Those who knew of his hiding with ravens said it must have been better than 24/7 crossing-guard duty.

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