Day 8. Tamar Water

For three thousand years, people have come to Tamar for the water.

We may have an opportunity to help keep the ancient water system flowing. For sure we’ll examine it in detail.

Water for the Camels

The Tamar oasis is the most abundant water source in the Arava south of Ein Gedi. In the 10th century B.C., Solomon built a fortress to control trade routes to and from the south. So caravans lugging loaded spices and other precious goods from the East pulled their camels in at Tamar. First the camels drank and then the camel pullers. Before they pulled out in the morning, they refilled their water skins for the trek to Cairo.

Keeping the ancient well, aqueduct, and camel trough properly sealed so that the water does not seep through the ancient walls, is a ongoing challenge.

The Proper Mixture

Dr. Olga, a noted Geologist from Russia, came to Tamar with instructions and the formula for a mixture to properly seal the waterways and water storage areas — and now the system shows no leaks. We can expect to rejoice as we hear water splashing into the well and watch it run down the aqueduct into the camel trough.

Many people have helped maintain the water system at Biblical Tamar Park, and we might have an opportunity to add our help to theirs.
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