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The Mimi Fund

The Zhaojue Early Childhood Education Project

Mimi taught young children for many years in America, where her life as a Christian influenced many children away from evil and toward good. Mimi and I discussed how friends and family might support early childhood educators who are doing a similar thing in China. For five years Vickie and I worked with the people of MSI Professional Services in China, and we have confidence in what they do.

How to Donate

Make your check payable to

OMF International

Mark the check memo line for

Project L88516 Early Childhood Program

Mail the check to

OMF International U.S. Headquarters

10 West Dry Creek Circle

Littleton, CO 80120-4413

Curriculum, Materials, and Training

The Zhaojue Early Childhood Education (ECE) team will cooperate with the local Dept. of Education to provide ECE curriculum and materials and training to selected village preschools to help them successfully accomplish the mandate to provide ECE to their communities.  This project will also help us build relationships and open the doors to sharing the gospel in these places.

One Preschool per Village

China has recently mandated that there should be “one preschool per village” as part of their larger poverty alleviation program.  Consequently, many of the villages have set up buildings for the preschools.  However, they lack understanding and curriculum resources to run these programs.  Because of MSI’s presence already in the Zhaojue area, our early childhood educators can provide needed resources and training to help the local preschools achieve the government’s objectives.  This also opens the doors to different Yi communities around Zhaojue where our contribution to the welfare of the schools and children can prepare the ground for the gospel message.

Two Trips

The funds will be used to purchase Early Childhood Education curriculum and materials and pay for travel to each village site to deliver the materials and provide training sessions.   The team will make two trips to each selected village preschool. In the first trip, they will bring curriculum materials to the preschools. (Tables and chairs will already have been picked up by the school.) Our colleagues will give the teachers a practical training on how to use the materials to run an ECE program in their schools. In a second follow-up visit, the team will bring additional curriculum materials, conduct a second training, and see if the previous materials were appropriately utilized to teach the children at the schools.

  • Responsible Person – Shirley Wong
  • People receiving financial statements – Shirley Wong, Joseph Chang, Sector Leader

Context: Please see below a link to download MSI’s Annual Report for Year 2016.  I hope it will provide a broader understanding of the scope of the work that God has entrusted to us.

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