The Previous Occupant

Misliya Cave by Megiddo

Wouldn’t you have loved watching the expression on the face of the first prophet which Obadiah’s wife sent to the Misliya cave by Megiddo? Especially if he put his hand on the jawbone of someone he thought moved out long ago.

Tel Aviv University, Prof. Israel Hershkovitz (left) — University of Haifa, Prof. Mina Weinstein-Evron

Anat Harrel alerted me January 25, shortly after this story broke in The Times of Israel.

I didn’t know why these archeology professors were grinning so about these teeth belonging to “Miss Lia.”

Then I saw the name of the cave – “Misliya.”

So, “Duh!”

And if Baby Bear were to crawl in, I would expect to hear, “Somebody’s been sleeping in my cave.”

Here’s a description of how this fossil discovery impacts evolutionary theory.


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