The Days of Elijah Tour

12 Days

$2,395 + $100 for tips + $Airfare

  • Stand where the fire fell and shout, “The Lord! He is God!”
  • Walk where Elijah ran from Jezebel.
  • Climb Mt. Horeb and enter the cave of “Wind, Quake, and Fire.”

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Mt. Carmel – Israel

“Dan to Beersheba”

The boulder of Bethshan

Chuckle from behind the boulder of Bethshan while young Elijah faces the king into the ground. Search the Mediterranean for “a cloud the size of a man’s hand.” Run from Jezebel to refuge in Rehov and then huddle in the reeds of the Jordan.

The caves of Qumran

Stick your head inside a Qumran Cave.

“Any scrolls left?”

Don’t just glance up at Masada, like Elijah did. Take the cable car. Just outside Beersheba, lose yourself in the desert, and grab a nap under the nearest juniper tree.

The chariot of fire

After you climb Mt. Sinai, go up to Jerusalem. Knock at the front gate of the royal palace, and deliver a letter to King Jehoram. In Jericho, try — Just you try! — to ditch Elisha before you connect with that Chariot of Fire.

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Day 1. Fly to Israel

"These are the days of Elijah declaring the word of the Lord!"

We move our watch to Jerusalem Time.


Jerusalem Old City Market

Day 2. Jerusalem

Mount of Olives, Jaffa Gate, Old City, Western Wall,  Elijah's bad news

Our bus climbs 2,600 feet up into the mountains of Jerusalem.


Day 3. Jerusalem

Palace Gate, City of David, Tombs of the Kings, Hezekiah’s Tunnel, Pool of Siloam, Temple Mount, Western Wall Tunnels, the Spirit and Power of Elijah

We search for the palace gate where Elijah sent his letter to King Jehoram.


Day 5. Ein Gedi

The Garden Tomb, Jericho, Qumran Caves, Ein Gedi, Biblical Tamar Park, Sukkah

At the largest oasis along the western shore of the Dead Sea, we stick our toes into a pool where David stopped Abishai’s spear from pinning King Saul to the ground.


Day 6. Masada

Biblical Tamar Park Mini-Tour, Arad Intersection, Climb Masada, Dead Sea Swim, Scorpion’s Pass, Mt. Hor, Miriam’s Spring

We inspect Masada's "synagogue without walls,” look down on Roman encampments, and wander freely on this huge fortress, listening to its stories.


Day 7. Mt. Sinai

Mt. Yeroham, Har Karkom, Kibbutz of Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, Mitzpe Ramon, Moshav Paran

Where did Elijah go when he hiked to Mt. Horeb? We look at two sites, and along the way we pause to enjoy a kibbutz, a canyon, and a moshav.


Day 8. Mt. Carmel

Beersheba, Netanya, Caesarea Maritima, Mount Carmel, Elijah's Caves, Megiddo, Tiberias on the Sea of Galilee

Elijah: “Lord, let people know ....” And the fire fell. The fire of the Lord. We look out over the sea and yell, "A cloud! The size of a man's hand!"


Day 9. Mt. Hermon

Sea of Galilee, Metula, Caesarea Phillipi, Tel Dan, Hula Basin, Upper Jordan River, Banias River, Mt. Hermon, Mount of Beatitudes, Capernaum, Galilee Boat Ride

Is Mt. Hermon the Mount of Transfiguration, where Peter, James, and John saw Jesus talking with Moses and Elijah?


Jezreel City

Day 10. Jezreel

Jezreel City, Mt. of Transfiguration, Mt. Tabor, Endor, Mt. Gilboa, Beitshan, Tel Rehov, Brook Kerith, Jezreel Valley Railway, Abel Meholah, Tishbe

At Tel Jezreel we rub the stones and feel the fort which guards the approach from the sea.


Jerusalem Old City Market

Day 11. Jerusalem

Via Dolorosa, Church of the Holy Sepulcher, Jewish Quarter, Herodian Quarter, Ben Gurion Airport

In Jerusalem we stroll along the Way of Sorrows, where Jesus may have walked to his crucifixion.


Day 12. Fly home

We land at our home airport.


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