What if Elijah….

What if Elijah had No Family & No Milcah

  • Elijah lives in a tree. His family and Milcah all got wiped out by the slavers.

What if Zarephath

  • Most treatments of Elijah make him look really old. Maybe as a way to avoid temptation with the widow. I made him really young and her older. Also as a way to avoid the appearance of hanky panky.
  • Maybe I should remake him a bit older, her a bit younger, and after he prays for Ari and Ari is healed, she develops feelings for him.
  • So he moves out, lives on the beach, or takes a room in town, or goes back to Tishbe and hides out. Going back to Tishbe would not contradict the Bible version.
  • Or he marries her and takes her and Ari back to Tishbe with him. Together they start a new life, not in the tree, but at the vineyard.

What if Elijah’s Flaws

  • Elijah is OCD — the only OCD in his nuclear family. He has this idea, however, that grape leaves are clean. So he carries them with him. He lifts baskets of grapes with a leaf covering each handle. He carries wineskins with a leaf covering each leg. At the Brook he about goes nuts trying to figure a way to be clean. Practically denudes the place of vegetation as he wipes off the rock shelf on which he sleeps. Haven’t figured out how will he survive on the bread and meat from ravens. How he rationalizes their food as being clean.  Writing Geekery Flaws
  • Elijah is extremely impatient — from what experience I haven’t figured out.

What if Elijah’s Family Flaws

  • Elijah’s grandmother lives with them (my weird grandmother)
  • So does his grandfather – (my fun grandfather)
  • And Elisheva is not a scholarly older sister after all. I give those lines to Howd.
  • Sheva is one year older than Elijah and combines the features of the three retarded kids in my grade school room.
  • Elijah is Sheva’s protector, like Joyce protected her retarded sister who was a year older than she.

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