Who’s who


  • Elijah
  • Nathan, Elijah’s brother
  • Sheerah, Elijah’s sister
  • Tirzah, Elijah’s mother – named for Zelophehad’s 5th and youngest daughter.
  • Milcah, girl next door – named for Zelophehad’s 4th daughter.

(Zelophehad צְלָפְחָד‎‎ had five daughters – Mahlah, Noa, Hoglah, Milcah, and Tirzah – Numbers 27)

Fort Jezreel

  • Ahab, King
  • Jezebel, Queen
  • Obadiah, Chief of Staff
  • Mrs. O, Obadiah’s wife


  • Abdel, olive grove manager
  • Shelemiah, olive grove manager & father of Abdel


  • Elissa, the Widow
  • Zimrada (Zim) , the widow’s son
  • Professor Hashabiah, Zim’s tutor, vineyard owner
  • Huldah, Professor Hashabiah’s daughter
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