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Scribes only allows two submissions during any seven-day period. Two. Only two. No more.

Two critiques = 1 submission

  • That means you’ll need to do a minimum of four critiques in a week if you want to submit your two submissions.

* The Scribes’ Critique Group is an excellent benefit you receive as a member of ACFW. If you want feedback on your work we have an on-line critique group – a safe place to submit your work and help others. We have a monthly orientation loop to get you in tune with what to expect from the Critique Group. Taking the Critique orientation is mandatory to be a member of the Critique Group. You can find out more here:

Glad to know you’ll be joining us!
Deb Read
ACFW Scribes Orientation Facilitator

Make sure you sign up for the orientation on the ACFW website so you have access to the lessons when we start on October 3.  (To sign up, go to and log in with your username and password.  Then click on the Connections button and take the Critique Groups link.  The sign up is on that page.)

Formatting a Scribes Subject Line

ACFW Genre Abbreviations

Novel Writing

* Novel Track: Writing is ACFW’s version of Book in a Month except that you set your own goal. How many words do you think you can write in one month? We are challenging you to set at least 10,000 words, but if you want to go for more, that is great. We hope you will. Can you do 50,000 words? Why not try? We’ll cheer you on to a goal that stretches you, but is attainable.

How do you carve out time each day to write or at least some of the days during the week? At the beginning of the month we will talk about ways you can find time to write. Then you can get started. The object of this email loop is to encourage you and keep you writing until the end of the month. The only way a book will get done is to sit down and write it. That is what we hope to help you do.

Novel Editing

* Novel Track: Editing is a great follow-up to Novel Track: Writing. Information about editing is shared from published authors, plus you’ll receive mini-lessons on elements to consider when editing your manuscript. The lessons will address the opening, sagging middle, ending, pacing, reasons for a scene, characters, plot structure, show/tell, goals, motivation and conflict.
If you are interested in the Novel Track programs, you can go to this page and sign up now:


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